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Hi from Celeste, Co-Publisher and whatever is needed specialist.
What is it about the publishing industry that drew  you in?
When I was in school I was influenced by a great teacher, who is now a great author with several best selling novels, Karen Harper.  She opened the world of writing to me.  I already loved to read, but she showed me the joy of writing.  Thanks be to excellent teachers! 
Over the years, I've read a lot of books of all genre.  I studied hard in college and writing was my best skill, along with general communication skills, it helped me become a teacher and later a lawyer.  I truly love the written word.  There  is nothing better then enjoying the "movie in your brain" which reading creates for me. 
After becoming an author, I met others who had various talents from all over the industry.  I realized writing as well as publishing could be a very fulfilling career, one where my talents were applicable.  It's an art form of sorts and I see myself as an artist in both the capacity of an author and as a publisher.  I want to create works of written art and help others to do so. I want those who love this art form desiring to seek our work out. 
This industry is a fast paced one that changes regularly, what makes you so confident you will suceed with CFB/MFB?
I have been in a career which is always changing and fast paced as a Lawyer.  Laws, rules and so on are always changing even faster then this industry.  It is important to be constantly up to date in order to be a good advocate.  This is also important in publishing and I can provide this element as well as my partners.
Additionally, people in the field of law and publishing are always changing.  I am used to change and enjoy it as it promotes growth and thinking. New talent means new and different ways of thinking and the world should always be open to that type of creativity.
 Therefore, applying my combined skills, I know I can keep up with the publishing world. I am always wanting to achieve perfection or as close to it as humanly possible, but I am not unreasonable.  This too is a good quality of a leader and promoter, which is what is needed in the publishing field.
  I also believe in moving forward and not quitting even though the odds may be difficult.  When times and things are hard, I keep on keeping on and press harder to be successful.  I value professionalism and this has been drilled into me from college and my service as an Assistant Attorney General for the Territory of Guam up to my present day law practice.   Transference of these talents and skills combined with my experience as an author will compliment this endeavor as well.  
As a publisher, author and lawyer, it's about selling yourself and your skills to the public, the audience whomever they may be.  I am able and competent to do just that and provide an excellent product for all to be proud of.  
Why did you select your current co-partner for the venture?
Of course, I selected my partner for her skills, personality, honesty, professionalism, and the fact she pursues her dreams without hesitation.  I've known her  for some time too and that's essential.  She too is cautious when necessary, but she knows how to take calculated risks to promote our end. 
We are both professional women who have dreams and the drive to succeed.  And success requires hard work, determination, talent and intelligence.  It requires a supportive network.  We have these traits and we aren't shy about promoting these truths and we will also promote our authors and reach out to our readers.  We won't be shy, yet never letting go of our professionalism.  
What strengths do you think each has that will ensure success and get readers.
I think this question has been somewhat answered.  However, if I need to add to what I already mentioned.  We both have charisma which I think shows.  And with that we have a sincerity to help others and to create enjoyable works of art which our readers will truly love. 
What is one thing you think makes Crimson Frost/Midnight Frost different then other pubs?
We will attempt with all of our ability, no matter how big or small we will end up becoming, we will stay in tune with the industry.  Be professional in all things.  Reach out to our community of readers and writers.  Have different and imaginative calls.  Focus on a polished product. And always have contingency plans for a rainy day!
That's more than one, but like I said, I like to communicate! 
Thanks for reading and considering our services and products,
Thanks for reading,

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