Saturday, 13 September 2014


Hello authors, editors, support staff and friends/colleagues, we are happy to announce that Frost Books, Crimson Frost and Midnight Frost Books will be hosting a blogradio show two times a month.  At least that is the plan at this time.  This is just in its infancy so things are subject to change and we are open to suggestions. 

We are developing a schedule at this time.  We hope it will promote us, our authors and others to the world of readers.  We are excited for authors to share their stories and encourage and develop their fan base.  Truth be told we wish to develop our fan base too.  In doing so, we want to not only promote but to provide information and tips on editing, writing, promoting, and all other topics which impact the industry. 

We will be asking our support staff… editors, artist, promoters, and bloggers to participate as well and talk about themselves and their services. Share their excitement for what they do as part of our team and without Frost Books.  Our view is to promote all, to get to know each other, and to educate one another.

To get everyone’s name out.  For all to benefit, either directly or indirectly.  We will be inviting other publisher friends and outside authors to participate as well, especially our Beachwalk authors!  But we invite any others as well.  Patricia and I are published by other publishers.  Sharing their news and upcoming books/ events is also our goal.

Our show will be 30 minutes long each time.  In that time, we want the world to know about us, our authors, our author’s books and others, our friends, and anything else that excites our readers and our authors who we truly appreciate.

We are aware that there are some publishers who have not been author and or reader friendly. We are not pleased with that news generally as authors and or publishers.   Patricia and I are authors and readers too and we understand.  We want to do all we can do to achieve success for all. No doubt, we are all learning.  But this is true in any industry.  Even lawyers and doctors learn while doing their jobs.  I know you hate to think so, but it is often true.  They do learn and they do succeed!  We all want to succeed. 

We endeavor to be honest and communicative with our staff and authors.  We searched our brains to find a way to bring us all closer and to help all.  Therefore, Patricia and I came up with the idea of blogradio. 
We hope you like this idea too. 

If you were sent this email or are reading this… We are inviting you to participate and we would like to schedule you.  The interviews will be done over the phone or computer.  So, you will not need to fly here to gorgeous Ohio, USA or Kamloops, BC.  LOL.  The world is so cool with all this tech we are close no matter where you are.

If you have friends who are authors self-published or with other pubs…. Let them know we would like to interview them about their books too.  Spread the word!  We are anxious to hear what you all think!

Thanks so much for your time,
Ciara Lake and Patricia Bates

This will be shared on FB, twitter, and blogs.  So, if you don't get email... you will get this.   

Friday, 25 July 2014


Each year an expedition is launched pitting man against the raw untamed glory of the Amazon Forest. This year, the team of biologists have flung themselves into the jungle to pursue the most elusive of animals…but its those within the campwhich prove to be them most fascinatingand dangerous.
Peggy, a young biology student, revels in the social intimacy, the danger, the budding passions as she explores relationships over three seasons. During her fourth, she is blindsided by Julie, a bat researcher. Chasing the passion, she loses herself in a love she cannot fully understand.
When an ardent admirer has a horribleaccident it jars the entire camp…but its on the first in a line of events which leave Peggy fighting for her own sanity and life.




Sandman by Mary Harner
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Formats: pdf, lit, mobi , epub, and html.
Release Date: 4/22/2014
Price: 4.99
Seraphina was born with an especially strong talent for the art of Sand Lore, the ability to magically control sand. She has done everything in her power avoid the attention of the State Mages, who forbid anyone outside of their ranks from calling upon the magic, and use their power to oppress the people living in The Great Desert. When she steels a book worth more than she can imagine Seraphina is forced out of her comfortable life as a thief.
The youngest State Mage, Cyrus, chases her into the wild desert that surrounds herhome. With nothing left to lose, Seraphina decides it’s time to take a stand rather than hiding from the State. Years before, her Grandfather was arrested for making such a stand, and Seraphina decides it’s time to bring him home.
As she embarks on her quest to save him, she discovers the State has an evil secret much deeper than her missing Grandfather.
Can she save her desert home from the State’s misdeeds before it’s too late, or is the price too high?
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