Thursday, 28 March 2013

We're looking for exciting Books...

Midnight Frost Books, an imprint of Crimson Frost Books is currently open for submissions in all genres.  Our readers are fans of many kinds of books, however, they all have one thing in common. They're looking for stories that leave them wishing the last page wasn't the last page.
For details on our guidelines check out our submissions page.

Horror Stories

Do you have a story that would make your hair turn grey with fright? Does reading it make you want to leave the light on so you can see what's in the room? Then you've come to the right place. We're looking for horror stories that will stick with the reader long after they've put the book down. These stories must be truly scary, we're looking for something more than simply graphic death scenes. We want them to be written to push the reader and characters to the limit, think backwoods hauntings, demons rising, but the mood must be dark and edgy.
Word count is anywhere between 15k and 60k. Can have romantic elements, but they are not required to be the main focal point of the story.

Send your queries or submissions to


Got a great who-done-it? Or tales of dark and dangerous spies looking to steal the next big secret? We're looking for fast paced, well written stories of danger and discovery. These stories will draw the reader into the world of murder, of espionage, and more. Word counts between 15-60k. Please send your submission to

Special Calls

Midnight Frost Books is currently seeking stories for our Underworld Call. These stories feature paranormal elements and beings from the Underworld in a dark, sizzling spin. Stories that are intense, featuring creatures of myth and legend in a modern world. Each story will be well written, with strong characters and conflicts.
Word count is open within the word count of 15k to 60k.
For more information or to send in your submission send us an email at or

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