Saturday, 9 March 2013


Do you like to be scared?  Does it thrill or excite you? Truly, tell me why?

 Another question which occurs to me, is why do people like Zombies?  I want to wrap my head around understanding this.  To me, rotting flesh and all seems a bit of an odd fascination.  Perhaps its our love for the everyday dude and the Zombie is a regular Joe, turned into decaying flesh. George A. Romero called them the blue collar monster.  If you understand more about this interest in these creatures, we are taking Zombie book submissions.  I know my two boys love Zombie stuff and play killing them in video games weekly.  :)  

I think we like horror, because being scared, and it not being real, is a rush.  Its an adrenaline rush, which really gets your blood pumping.  Its exciting to know the stupid potential victim is going to go outside, when she or he definitely should not.  Why do they do that?    It gets us all hyped up.  Also, its fun to scream with your friends or cozy up next to your significant other as you hide your face waiting for the villain to get you!  Again, why does the victim always go downstairs to the creepy basement?  I believe the best direction is to go into the already locked garage to get into the already locked car and bust out.  However, the bad guy is probably in the back seat of the car.  

If you like to read horror stories and or like to write them, please check out Midnight Frost Books.  We want to be scared together. 

Waiting to hear your comments!
Ciara Lake busy writing romance!

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