Thursday, 18 April 2013


What stimulates your creativity?  Many things can be a person's muse.  For me, it can be many things, such as, the wind blowing in my face, the smell of a cup of Earl Gray, a song on the radio, and a good movie, a handsome man or a fast car or horse. Yeah, I find muses all over the place.  :)  Just searching the internet can be stimulating.  Even things not so pleasant can plant a seed of creativity.  Thus, new stories of fear or horror can spring to life from a news clip or a fairy tale of old.   

For some people, their muse can be emotions.  Anger, love, lust, sadness, or depression, all of these can cause a person to put pen to paper and write great works.  Music can be inspired by these strong emotions.  Probably the stronger the emotion the better to stimulate the mind.  Get those hormones moving within us in conjunction with our brains and pop, bam, wow, you can have a zinger of a story with lots of passion.  . 

Other people can stimulate you as your muse.  A good conversation can trigger ideas to form.  Talking with experienced people who have lived history can tell their stories and plant great ideas for a history themed book. A visit to an antique store or a thrift shop can ignite an idea. 

Often fiction is part of real life or can be pulled from reality and made into a fantasy or tale.  What you know or have heard is a great place to start dreaming.  Anything and everything can be expanded upon in some way. 

Learn what your muse is and foster it.  Write without boundaries, then after it's all down it can be edited.  But allow your mind to go wild with your story, to be free in the words.

Love your muse and allow it to guide you,
Ciara Lake

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