Saturday, 16 March 2013

Changes can be good

In today's market things change quickly. Something that is key to being successful is being aware of the changes that are happening. In the years I've been in the industry I've seen a lot of growth, a lot of change in genres, lengths of books, and even in the business aspect of the ebook industry. Change does not mean death to the industry - awareness and acceptance of such things as the e-reader has a great impact on readers and how they view what we can put out.

What does change mean for Midnight Frost? How can we utilize what's happening in the industry to ensure that our readers get the best of the best? Midnight Frost strives for quality, which is why even though we're new, we are fussy. We see the future of the industry as readers becoming more aware, wanting more from their ebooks than simply a mindless read. Therefore, change for us will mean growth and reaching a more discerning reader.

Our authors and our readers are our number one priorities. The stories our authors pen will hook the reader, thrill them, scare them, make them ask who-done-it....and this is something we want people to recognize. Getting there will mean keeping up with the changes in the industry moving from vampires to zombies, from blood and gore to spooky horror. It also means thinking outside the box and not following the idea that the reader will come to us. We're going to have to go to the reader and we're looking forward to it.

We as a publisher rely on our readers to help us understand and develop our lines and stay abreast of the changes in what you want. Midnight Frost, loves to hear from you the reader so please drop us a line here on our blog or send us an email.

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