Sunday, 17 November 2013


Holiday Decorating Tip 

Yes, it’s that time to start preparing your holiday cards. They are a traditional part of the festivities and while an e-card is cute, it just doesn’t grasp the sentiment. Sure everyone is strapped for time, but it is nice to see the actual mailbox and not the virtual one full of cards!

When your holiday remembrances begin arriving, what do you do with them? Piling them up doesn’t display them and your fridge can only accommodate so many. So, what’s an easy solution?

*Head to your local craft or dollar store and purchase a couple of rolls of wide, decorative ribbon

*Cut strips to run down the length of your closet, bathroom or whatever doors you have in your home

*Attach them to the top of the frame using a thumb tack or duck tape; it should be firmly hung-thumbtacks are the best, but can be hard to push into the door

*Let your ribbon flow down and when the cards arrive, simply staple them to an open area on the ribbon and there you are-instant display!

It’s simple, inexpensive and a great way to show off your cards! When guests come over, they can get a snapshot of all your friends’ children or far away family. Holiday scenes always bring a smile.

Happy Holidays!

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