Saturday, 1 June 2013


Graduating is in the air.  From kindergarten all the way to college and professional schools our loved ones are moving on to the next steps in their lives.  Weddings are in the air too, it is June. :) 

The beginning of summer, here in North America, is such a beautiful time of the year.  It is a time for change and new beginnings.  This year has been particularly difficult for the central area of the United States with the storms and tornados.  Our prayers are with you.  As they say, this too shall pass. 

Remember, when you do have the opportunity to enjoy this time, stop a moment to commit it to memory, as this time, one day, will be history. 

I remember when I was living in Guam, my father stood with me on the beach looking out over the Pacific Ocean, he suggested I stop and remember that very moment, as one day, it too would be but a memory.  I am so glad he gave me that amazing advice.  I am sharing this advice with all of you now.  In fact, even in the good and the bad times, pause and think, so one day you can reflect back more accurately. 
Enjoy the first day of June 2013

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