Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I will never forget that day.  Many things in my life changed on that day.  In the first time in my especially young life at that time, made me realize how fragile our world and our life really is.  I remember holding my children down in the bathtub praying for the strength I would need.  I remember the earth move like it quaked.  The loud roar and the house shaking as if it were made of match sticks.  It was like horror movie or science fiction.  My children screaming in my arms. 

I'll never forget that beautiful day.  At about 3pm it was gorgeous outside then it all changed.  I saw the monster approach about eight miles from us on the other side of Sooner Elementary School headed for Sooner Rd.  The tornado was at least a mile wide, I did not know it was possible to be so big.  I was frozen with fear.  Sure we would all die and soon.  The tornado carried debris in it's arms, I swear I saw cars.  Smaller tornados spun off from it like wicked arms hitting the earth. 

When it was over, we opened our front door, which was still standing.  Thanks be to God.   We were an island of somewhat untouched houses.  Others were outside dazed, confused and stunned.  The look on the older adult's faces made me realize how this really was, a true nightmare, a living one.  Like a war zone, a bomb had been dropped.  Sooner Elementary School was still standing too.  But my neighbors not far from me were devastated.  Just across Sooner was devastation.  Horses were dead in the road, dropped out of the air from being picked up from somewhere.  The smell of gas, the sparking electricity, the oddness in the air.  It was truly a war zone.  And unexpected misery.   

A few weeks later, I finally got to the BX at Tinker AFB to get supplies there.  And my heart was broken when I was told the nice lady who had usually checked my ID had been killed.  It still bothers me to this day.  I have forgotten her name, but the memory of her face is etched in my mind.  I'm so sorry she did not make it. 

My oldest son called me yesterday, he's away on a school trip, and he was remembering the experience too, even though he was so young it stamped in his brain.  Some things just stick with you and this will for always be one of them for me and for him. 

Now, I wonder if our house we owned once, our first owned home, is still there. As you know, a house is part of your family, even after you leave it.  At least to me, so many memories were made there.  I am praying for all involved, as I know personally the shock of it all and I did not even have it as bad as others.  For days, I looked at our city and was in disbelief. And this one is even worse.  God Bless you all.  And remember the material things are not so important, not really.  But our friends our families are.  I pray yours is well and soon this to shall pass. 
Love to all,
Celeste and my sons

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